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Welcome to Cog Hill Golf Association

Entry for club events is available on the Cog Hill website.   
Entry to join the CHGA is available on the website for both the FULL and Associate Memberships.  

2017 CHGA News Updates

Full Membership benefits allow players to compete in the CHGA club events at a reduced price ($30 or more per event) along with receiving a FREE Round of golf on Course 1, 2 or 3, one ticket to the Fall Dinner, a Cog Hill golf shirt, event prizes. Full members playing on selected events (see the event calendar) can also attend a BBQ dinner as a part of their entry in that day’s event. Player of the Year Awards based on event participation and event results.

 Full Membership includes:

 One Free Round of golf on Course 1, 2 or 3 – $57 value

CDGA Handicap – $30 value

Cog Hill Golf Shirt - $45 valueTicket to the Fall Dinner - $35 value

BBQ Dinner (if playing in the events) - $40 value

Reduced Entry Fee to play in CHGA events - $25 per event

Event prizes paid in a gift card

Player(s) of the Year prizes paid in a gift card

NEW for 2017 – Special Skins Game events on Course 2 and 4 with special event pricing

Skin Game Dates – 6/12 Course 4, 7/13 Course 2, 8/14 Course 4 and 9/14 Course 2 Tee Times begin at 3pm. Shot Gun start.

Net and Gross Skins separate entry from the green fees- $20

See the Event Calendar on both the Cog Hill website or under CHGA Events.

Application form is also listed below.





Full and Handicap Members

Drop off Applications at the Cog Hill Pro Shop

and Check Payable To: Cog Hill Golf and CC

Please complete the following application and attach your check made payable to the Cog Hill Golf and CC. Applications may be drop off in either Pro Shop or the main clubhouse.

Memberships can be paid via credit card at the Cog Hill Golf & CC website.

PLEASE PRINT CLEARLY                                                                                       ____________________________

Name      _______________________________________   _______________________________________

                (First)                                                                      (M.I.)                                       (Last)

Age         _____________  Male ________  Female _________             Check only if the address has changed. ______

Address __________________________________________________________________________________

City         __________________________________________  State __________   Zip Code _______________

Home Ph # (           ) ____________________________ Work / Cell Ph # (          ) __________________________

E-Mail Address ____________________________________________________________________________

CDGA will send you an e-mail on your Handicap Revision, if provided.



______ I had a COG HILL HANDICAP the prior year.  (Note: Your handicap CDGA # will remain the same.)

_____ I am a new handicap member and did not have a CDGA handicap # at any time from 2013 to 2016. 

                Note: A minimum of 6 scores must be posted before an official USGA index is calculated.

All new members will have their CDGA handicap number and name listed in the Handicap Book located by the computers in the 2/4 Pro Shop or Dubs Pub in the main clubhouse.

______  I had a Chicago District Golf Association (NOT GHIN) handicap last year at another club and would like to transfer it.

If you check this line, please provide your CDGA # and the CLUB Name.  Your CDGA number will remain the same.

CDGA # _________________________ CLUB Name ____________________________________________



______                 $135       FULL Cog Hill Golf Association                                   

______                 $105       FULL Cog Hill Golf Association and I already renewed my CDGA handicap on-line.

FULL MEMBERS ONLY Indicate Shirt Size   M ______    L ______ XL ______ 2XL ______   Other Size ________________

______                 $30         Associate (Handicap Only) MUST complete and send in their application form and payment. This may also be dropped off at the 2/4 Pro Shop. Associate members having a handicap with Cog Hill in 2016 may also renew online from the Chicago District Golf Association website (